How Do Clients Benefit from the TRC/HJB Relationship

TRC’s close relationship with HJB Construction is unique in the industry and provides our clients with an extremely valuable advantage. We begin construction work at site selection, conferring with HJB to get firm estimates and timelines unique to each site. Thoroughly familiar with the project from the outset, HJB reviews and value engineers plans throughout the process to be ready to construct immediately at permit, saving our clients time and money.

HJB Construction delivers high quality projects on time and within budget. Experienced in all areas of commercial construction, we take a proactive approach to every project which allows us to identify opportunities, address issues and save our clients time and money.

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With over 20 years’ experience building for national retailers and developers, HJB Construction knows what it takes to deliver quality construction under tight timelines. We understand the specifics of building strictly to corporate plans and have systems in place to ensure that everything is constructed precisely as designed. To ensure the best results for our clients, a seasoned team of professionals is assigned to each job.

HJB offers clients a complete building solution. Rather than engaging with a separate architect, engineer and contractor, we bring these services together. Assembling a team of professionals experienced with similar projects from start to finish allows for significant savings for our clients, in both time and money.

Whether it’s updating an existing location or making way for a new business to take over a site, HJB understands that down time means lost revenue. To minimize time spent closed, we orchestrate each step of the project to ensure that plans, sub-contractors, inspections and material deliveries come together seamlessly. Our experience with remodels and up-fits allows us to work efficiently without sacrificing quality.

HJB provides single tenants with quality construction that meets their particular needs. Experienced in building unique structures, we realize that it is important as a business owner to have a site that:

  • functions optimally
  • attracts targeted customers
  • aligns with the established budget and timeline

We work in different capacities depending on the needs of the project. While many clients utilize our design build service, we are also happy to work with a client’s architect. Either way, clients rely on us to recommend construction techniques that elevate the look and feel of the building while keeping costs in budget.

Please visit HJB Construction’s website for more information.