Inspire Brands Launches a Ghost Kitchen as More Restaurants Lean Into Virtual Restaurants

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As labor challenges continue across the fast-food space and customers seek seamless interactions with digital ordering, major restaurant players are leaning into the ghost and virtual kitchen space to optimize efficiencies and speed up service. Read more

15 Real Estate Pros Share Their Market Prediction Trends For 2022 And Beyond

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Although real estate is seen as one of the most stable and profitable markets in the U.S., it is not immune to major cyclical changes. To unpack these shifting market forces, 15 members of Forbes Biz Council shared their insights on the future of real estate and what trends they believe will impact the market

Homebuilder Sentiment Bounces Back Despite Ongoing Supply Chain Problems

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The nation’s homebuilders aren’t seeing any relief from supply chain issues that have slowed construction recently, but high buyer demand appears to be making up for it. Read more

Let’s Get Phygital — How to Cash In on the New Hybrid Shopper Norm

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We knew it was coming but didn’t realize it would happen this quickly. Today’s shoppers have gone hybrid — blending physical and digital shopping seamlessly — and are now asserting dominance over every channel. Read more

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