A variety of food trucks will be setting up shop at Foxbank Towne Center (Hwy 52 in front of the Foxbank Plantation neighborhood in Moncks Corner) on weekends (Thursday-Sunday). The dining outpost is the creation of Twin Rivers Capital, the developer of the center, in cooperation with Wonder Trucks in an effort to help both small businesses and members of the Foxbank and surrounding communities. Said TRC President JJ Lamberson, “This area is without a grocery store and has very few restaurants. We recognize that the community needs more access to food in this challenging time, and we have talked to food trucks who need a place to safely serve their customers. We are so happy to be able to donate the place and the organization to bring these groups together for the benefit of all.” TRC’s sister company, HJB Construction, volunteered its time to set up an area where the trucks can park and patrons have room for social distancing while ordering. Patrons are asked to please pick up food and take it home (no dining facilities will be available) and to abide by federal, state, and local guidelines with regard to safety and distancing when visiting the trucks.